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          • Information regarding house church multiplication
            This week, we are having a house church multiplication ceremony. The mission of our church is to save the lost souls and make disciples. The house church multiplication is a sign that the salvation of the lost is still taking place and disciples are being made. So, during the Sunday worship service, the official multiplication ceremony and shepherd appointment ceremony are held to share the joy of multiplication with the rest of the church.
            Starting this year, before holding the multiplication ceremony at the church, please try having a ‘practice multiplication ceremony’ first within the house church. The reason for doing this is for house church members to experience joy within than the house church rather than feeling the sadness that comes with multiplication.
            1. The practice multiplication ceremony within the house church will be lead by the shepherd during the house church meeting.
            The shepherd asks the new shepherd to share their feelings about what kind of shepherd they would like to become. Also, the house church members who will move out with them should share their resolution on how they will live as house church members. The house church members who are staying should share stories of blessings and thankfulness to the house church members who are leaving. Lastly, the members staying should place their hands on the shoulders of the house church members who are leaving and pray while blessing them.
            2. The order of the multiplication ceremony in the church is as follows (there are new additional steps)
            1) First, during the worship service (before the sermon), when the pastor says, “Let’s have the multiplication ceremony,” the shepherd of the house church comes out and introduces the house church and the shepherd and/or shepherd’s wife of the multiplying house church. If you prepare and upload pictures of the house church meetings, it will be helpful for church members to better understand the house church that is multiplying. If you have a good and memorable episode, it will be good to share it briefly.
            2) For the shepherd and shepherd’s wife’s appointment ceremony, the new shepherd and shepherd’s wife will stand at the pulpit and read out the pledge. After this, they will receive a letter of appointment as an acting shepherd and shepherd’s wife.
            3) Then sing a song of blessing, “(Korean) The blessing song”. At this time, the sending shepherd and shepherd’s wife prepare a bouquet or each house church member will prepare a small flower to give to the new shepherd and shepherd’s wife. All other shepherds and shepherds’ wives within the church come out and pray for the blessing of the new shepherd and shepherd’s wife.
            4) The new shepherd and shepherd’s wife come out to the front and read their emotional responses and their testimonies.
            In 2023, we hope that the blessing and joy of multiplication of house churches will continue.
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