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          • 어정희  2023.03.18  14:21


          • Planning and preparation to purchase a building
            These days, we are encountering more difficulties with our current church space each Sunday. While we have divided service into 3 services, it’s not enough. The church building is not only used for worship, but also to educate children, have a time of fellowship for the congregation, for various ministries to have meetings, and for training. As a result, there has been a greater demand for space to hold these meetings. We are in a situation where there are currently over 100 children in Sunday School.
            All the areas built around the halls, including the tent, pastors’ offices, and the building behind the main hall, are temporary buildings. They cannot be used permanently. Since the church is located in a residential area, there is not enough parking space on Sundays and because of the issue of children's safety, we try to park as far away as possible from the church and walk.
            When we decided to stop renting the Telopia church, we had already anticipated and discussed the issue of a lack of space. We, therefore, had plans to build a new education building in the current space, however, the Churches of Christ did not recommend this. Instead, they recommended purchasing a house nearby until the church could rebuild or move to a bigger location.
            However, it is not easy for a church to purchase buildings around it. If a residential house is purchased, it is difficult to change the zone from residential to a place of worship. It is also difficult to find buildings for sale nearby and the church does not have the financial means to easily purchase a building.
            With the current situation where space is very limited, the church cannot but think about the future. Up until now, whenever houses came out on the market at a good price, the church was not ready and missed out on many opportunities. However, we cannot put this off any longer, and this is why we are preparing to purchase a house or building nearby.
            When the church decides and proceeds on important matters, the direction is set by the management committee, consent is obtained at the All Shepherds meeting and then lastly, the church members vote. Consent has already been obtained at the All Shepherds meeting and now the church members vote remains to be held.
            We do not know when a building we need will become available, but I would like us to pray and have the same heart and proceed with purchasing a building. If you have better ideas on this, please let the Building Committee chair (Shepherd Jacob Kim) know.
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