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          • 이동주  2023.04.08  20:26


          • The heart of giving
            When Jesus explained the kingdom of heaven, he did not speak of it abstractly, but compared it to a seat at a table with loving brothers and sisters. In that sense, house church meetings are comparable to a heavenly feast. It’s because in the house church, you can experience the taste of heavenly banquet that Jesus spoke of.
            House church meetings have a variety of spiritual diet. There is service and love. There are praises and confessions. There is encouragement and comfort. There is forgiveness and acceptance. There are experiences of meeting God and testimonies of such. Just as different side dishes come out for different meals, each house church meetings taste different. Some days are deep, some are comforting and thankful, some are joy of answered prayers, and some are forgiveness and healing. As we look at these different flavours, we see and hear God at work in our lives. We realise how much we are loved by God. and you gain the courage and strength to overcome in your life.
            The important reason why house church meetings become heavenly banquet is because of the ‘heart to give’. However, if you look closely, there are some people who find the house church meetings burdensome or uncomfortable. If you look for one thing in common in those people, it may be that they have a ‘heart of want’ when they attend house church meetings. House church meetings are not attractive to those with a selfish heart who only want to win. It seems like a waste of time.
            However, if becomes a heavenly feast for those who have the heart of giving. Among your house church members, there are those who need your word of comfort, those who need your prayers, those who need a warm touch, and those who need healing. There are people who need your testimony, and there are people who need practical and specific help and service. For those who go to the house church meetings with the heart to give something to those who need something, it will surely become a heavenly feast for them. It will become a fun and long-awaited meeting.
            How happy are you knowing that someone needs you? Conversely, how miserable will it be if no one needs you? People who have a heart to give, sometimes reaffirm their reason for living and their existence at the house church meetings. Now, when you go to a house church meeting, it will be nice to participate with the intent of giving, and thinking ‘What should I give you today?’
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