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          • Tips to save the atmosphere of the house church
                 Before starting sharing at the house church, the following rules of sharing should be read by the shepherd or read together.

            Do not speak negatively about the people who are not present at the house church.

            Secrets shared at the house church are not to be discussed outside the house church.

            Do not try to give answers or recommendations or give direct advices.

                 As you know well, the house church sharing time is not a time to gossip with other people, so we should not talk negatively about the people who are not present, and we should never talk about the stories we share at the house church outside of the house church because if the secret is not kept, the deep sharing would not be possible. If you try to teach when others are sharing, the flow of sharing is cut off. Instead of giving answers or giving advices, it is better to listen, emphasise, ask questions, or share similar personal experiences.
                 It is important for House church gatherings to create a welcoming atmosphere. If you greet each other with a smile when you join the house church meetings, it will create a rich atmosphere even before you start the meeting. After the meeting, when the house church members leave, please go out and see them off. When they look through the rearview mirror to see the shepherd and shepherd’s wife waiting until the car is out of sight, their hearts will be moved subconsciously.
                 When someone brings something to the house church meeting, be sure to recognise it and express your gratitude. Please advertise to everyone so that everyone knows even one snack or one fruit was brought in by the house church member. The other house church members who did not see what someone else has brought would never know who brought what otherwise. It is not because we want the person who brought something to know that everyone knows what they brought, but it is because of the joy and gratitude will be spread when we recognise and express each other’s sincerity.
                 A word can make you feel good or it can ruin your mood. There are many words that are shared at the house church, and we need to be aware of our words whether they are enriching or degrading the meeting. Every word should be said with care and wisdom. You will experience happiness every time you go to the house church if there is a positively open mind, energetic and enthusiastic appearance, but not losing humility and gentleness, and deciding to enjoy listening rather than speaking over people.
            # This column was written with reference to the writings of Pastor EunJin Lee of Church of Love.
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