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          • 수정교회 번역팀  2021.10.10  21:37

          • Celebration during the lockdown
            The 239th Pastoral House Church Seminar in Oceania ended with grace and emotion. We prepared for the seminar spiritually through the online special dawn prayer meetings and prepared practically through the administrative team, host team, decoration team, intercessory prayer team, and the protocol team for the past 3 weeks.
                 Starting with the welcome video from the shepherds and shepherd’s wives, meals were delivered to their doorsteps through Ubereats and other delivery companies for the participants, so that the pastors and their wives could participate and focus on the seminar.
                 For those who were new to House Church, I summarised the lecture contents to help them grasp the overall flow and concept, and I tried to increase their concentration for the online lectures by using videos and powerpoints. In particular, by informing them the progress of the growth of our Sydney Crystal Church as a House Church in a chart, we challenged their hearts for a healthy House Church where souls are reborn, grow and form a spiritual family.
                 Seven people were selected to give testimonies to give vitality to the online lectures, and they were able to instil confidence that the power of a house church is not from the transfer of knowledge but of the life of the shepherd and shepherd’s wives in the house church. When they saw how House Church ministry centred on lay church members was operated through attending the house church meeting, the village meeting, Q and A session with the village leaders, presenting their own decisions and plans, and sharing their visions, some people couldn’t contol their emotions and wept.
                During the Sunday worship service, they witnessed testimonies given for the completion of life Bible study, for receiving salvation and Baptism, and confessions of praise by the singles’ ministry, for the participants to feel the taste of the emotion in saving lost souls. On the Wednesday service, missionary Seon Bong Choi, who is a missionary in Sri Lanka, gave the participants a chance to hear how House Church is applied in the field of mission, and convinced us that house churches are an alternative in the mission fields.
                 Although it is impossible to express the emotions I felt through this House Church seminar for the Pastors through words, but I feel that all the members of our Church had a celebratory time with one heart and were able to enjoy the great joy of serving during this time of lockdown. In particular, it was a time to experience overflowing emotions in front of the many tears of confessions of the pastors and their wives who particpated in the pastoral seminar and their determination to run towards embracing the New Testament Church.
            In the meantime, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all those who have worked hard in sight and behind the scene for the 239th Pastoral House Church Seminar.
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