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          • 수정교회 번역팀  2021.09.27  07:27

          • No change without the community (Pastor Young Ki Choi)
                 Pastors want their church members to live by following what was preached to them. So, when I see church members whose lives do not change even after listening to the sermon, I feel that I have failed them and even, feel anger. However, I have not thought deeply about why the lives of the members do not change, why they cannot live according to the sermon, I really have not thought deeply on what the cause is.
                 The biggest reason that church members do not live according to the sermon is not because they don’t want to, but it is because they don’t have a place to practice it. To be a good athlete, you need to practice what you hear from your coach. To become a good chef, you must put into practice what you have learnt from your cooking classes. The same is for the church. You need a place to practice what you have heard in your sermon. However, in most traditional churches, there is no such place.
                 The members want to live according to the preaching of their pastors. But they can’t imagine going out into the world and living as what was preached to them. This is because the world is evil and there is fierce competition for survival. It seems that living according to the pastor’s words is to become a failure in life. So even though they feel guilty, they cannot live by what was preached to them.
                 However, in House Church, it is relatively easy to live according to the Word. This is because there is a place where you can practice the sermons. It is during the weekly house church meetings. Here, you can practice love, forgiveness, and servitude that you have heard in the sermon, and be able to practice with your house church members.
                 In addition, you can receive coaching from your experienced shepherd and shepherd’s wife on how to lead a life of a Christian in the society, and receive coaching from their experiences. Then when they experience failure or get hurt in the world, they can come to the house church meetings to share their emotions and receive prayers.
                 No matter how deep and moving the pastors’ sermons are, if there is no community where they can practice what they hear, it would be better to stop expecting the church members to live according to the sermon.
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