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          • 이동주  2023.03.12  00:16


          • “Don’t Work with a cover on!”
            Among the articles in our 1st “Life of experiencing God” life bible study, it said, “Don’t work with the cover on” when doing God’s work. The relationship with God should be the top priority when doing ministry, and this article made me think that I should not participate in ministry only with my own experiences and thoughts.
            The next day after I finished studying the Life of experiencing God, I thought I should try making castella bread to help my wife with housework. I bought a baking mix right away. Inside the baking mix were two white packages. I have experience in making castella before, so I decided to tear open one powder pack and make it delicious. The next morning, I added the prepared egg, milk and butter to the baking powder and mixed it right away. I also added raisins and various nuts to make it more delicious. And finally, I put it in the oven and baked it in anticipation of delicious castella bread. The bread turned golden brown as expected. However, when I took out the bread, it was not the castella bread that I expected, but was a flat and soft bread. My wife saw the flat bread and tasted it. And she said “The bread is too sweet.” With an angry expression on my face, I replied in response by saying, “This is because that’s the type of baking mix I bought.” But something was really strange. It shouldn’t have turned out like this. Only then did I read the manual carefully and found that inside the packaging of the baking mix, were two packs of powder of the same colour but with different contents. One was baking powder, and the other was vanilla icing (for sweetness or decoration on the inside or outside). Then my wife said something else as well. “Don’t work with the cover on~.”
            Yesterday in the life study class, I remembered again the words, “Do not work with the cover on.” I thought that the foolishness of trying to make bread without reading the manual, and relying only on my own experience, was also being applied to my ministry and shepherding.
            What about you? Are you living your religious life or doing your ministry by relying on your own experience and tradition? The church gives you a manual and explains the direction and method of running a house church meeting, but aren’t you following your own experience, convenience, and doing it your own way?
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