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          • A conference that everyone prepares together

            Registration for the 2022 house church seminar for lay people (until October 28-30th) opened yesterday. Although it is hard work as we hold house church seminars for lay people every year, we experience it as if the church is being reset. The church seems to grow more stably when we serve other churches and its members. However, it is sad that there are some of our church members that do not help during the seminar. The church will have a festive atmosphere, and the participants will receive grace and challenges, but it doesn’t feel right that some of the members of the hosting church don’t even know what is happening.

            There have been many difficulties due to the Coronavirus and the salvation of souls has not been that active. So we hope that through this seminar, our house churches will be able to reset and experience revival in their own house churches. For our church to prepare for the seminar together, we ask you to join us in doing the following;

            The first is to participate in the preparation prayer meetings. This prayer meeting for the seminar preparation is going to be 10 days of special evening prayer meetings instead of the usual early morning prayer meetings. The date is from October 12th (Wednesday) til October 22nd (Friday) at 7.30pm. During this period, please make arrangements in advance so that the house churches that do meetings on Fridays can do it on the Saturday instead.

            The second is to participate in the ministries during the seminar. Team leaders, please divide and distribute the work so that as many people as possible can participate in the seminar ministries. It is necessary to be good at church ministry, but it is more important to experience the joy of doing them together. Shepherds and shepherd’s wives, please help the members of your house church participate in even a small ministry so that they may experience the joy of serving.

            The third is the most important part which is to open your house churches. It is to open your house churches for the lay leaders to visit, see, and learn. The house churches must be prepared to run according to the house chruch manual. A house church with a small number of members can join with another house church and run the meeting together.

            The fourth is for the preparation of the Sunday Worship service. Let’s prepare the Sunday Worship service to have a baptism ceremony, or a hug ceremony, and to help the participants experience the saving of souls, making disciples through the service, and to experience a lively worship service.
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