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          • The miracle of gratitude

            This is from a book called “The lifetime gratitude”. A Japanese naval officer, Kiichi Kawagami, returned to his home country after losing the war and suffered from mental stress for a long time with anger and frustration. Eventually, his entire body except for the face was paralyzed, and made it impossible to move like a vegetative person.

            He was treated by a psychiatrist at the hospital, and the doctor told him to follow his instructions if he wanted to be healed. The doctor told him to say “Thank you”. Officer Kiichi, who was filled with anger and hostility every day, said he was unable to move his mouth when he suddenly tried to say “thank you”. The doctor said that starting from that day, if he was to say “thank you” 10,000 times a day, his paralyzed body could be healed. Knowing that his illness was a psychological problem, the doctor set out to heal this person by filling his heart with gratitude, an emotion opposite to the anger and hostility in his heart.

            He had to say “thank you” every day, in order to heal himself while lying on his sick bed. At first, he was forced to spit out the words to cure the disease, but as time went on, the words “thank you” seemed to come from his heart. It was said that his heart, which was uncomfortable with anger and hostility, began to change, and peace came to his face.
            Around that time, his son picked two ripe red cilantro and opened his father's door, and when he said, "Have some of this, father," Kiichi said "Thank you" and held out his paralyzed hand. Strangely, the paralyzed and immobile hand moved. And it was said that the miracle that occurred in the hand continued to every part of the body after that, and the body, which had been hardened, was completely recovered as if the magic was dispelled by a spell of gratitude.
            The author, Rev. Jeon Kwang said, “Miracles happen when the heart is filled with gratitude.” I hope that the more difficult the situation, the more gratitude fills your heart, so that miracles will happen in your life and all diseases of the body and mind will be cured.
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