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          • 수정교회 번역팀  2022.09.04  10:18


          • The importance of the habit of saying Amen

            Amen means ‘truly’, ‘I hope it will be so’, and agreeing in faith. Saying “Amen” is to glorify God, and God said that the promises will be fulfilled to those who glorify God by saying “Amen” (2 Corinthians 1:20).

            Saying Amen well is also a spiritual habit. Those who say Amen well every time they hear the Word have positive and active faith. Amen is an expression of faith. The more Amen we hear during the sermon, the more powerful the Word of God will be. When everyone says Amen vigorously, the atmosphere of worship is revived and those who preach the Word gain strength. Conversely, when there is no faith or when they are under a spiritual pressure, Amen does not come out, and where there is no Amen, the preacher does not gain strength.

            Churches where worship is alive have a unique characteristic. When we sing praises, we stand up and raise our hands, we give while clapping, and whenever the Word is delivered, we receive the Word by shouting Amen out loud. So there is always a festive atmosphere in worship. A worship service with a lot of people saying Amen is definitely more lively and active than a worship service held in a quiet atmosphere.

            I hope that our worship service will not be a passive and quiet worship but a church that actively praises and actively exudes Amen here and there. The atmosphere of worship will be even more upgraded and different than it is now. And I believe you will also experience greater grace and the blessing of having your closed obstacles open up.

            Good spiritual habits require willful effort. This is because spiritual habits are not just created, but are formed through training. I hope there are people who devote themselves to the ministry of Amen for this kind of atmosphere. Amen ministry is a ministry that helps all members to say Amen together by actively saying Amen. Those who want to do the Amen ministry, please write your name in the Amen ministry application form at the entrance of the church. Also, if the shephereds want their house church members to grow spiritually, please take the initiative and say Amen louder and participate in the Amen ministry.

            I pray that God will be glorified by the worship service overflowing with Amen, and that you will experience the grace and blessing of opening the doors of heaven at each worship service.
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