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          • An Evangelical Church (Pastor Jae Jung Kim)

            After finishing church ministry, I went to America to visit churches there. There were many churches with graceful words, praise, and various programs. However, it was difficult to find a church that puts the salvation of souls into action.

            The first church I attended was a church run by a pastor who was known as a preacher representing evangelism in the United States. This church had almost a few dozen visitors from interstate every week to hear this Pastor’s sermons. I saw dozens of visitors introduced every week, but I never saw anyone who was introduced to the church through evangelism.

            Almost every week, the sermon delivered a clear evangelical content. However, even though the clear gospel message was delivered, the salvation of souls was not emphasized. Listening to the evangelical sermons every week was a blessing, but at the same time, I felt frustrated.

            At the same time, I came to think that preaching an evangelistic sermon and becoming an evangelical church were two different things. Just because there is an evangelical sermon, it doesn’t make it an evangelical church. There must be an evangelical sermon, but without an evangelical life, the church cannot be an evangelical church.

            Evangelical preaching and evangelical life are the two different things that can make a church become an evangelical church. When we become a church that expresses God’s love through actions, and not just words, we become an evangelical church.

            You can take pride in listening to evangelical sermons every week and think that listening to good sermons is what makes you a good believer. However, if you do not live a life of preaching Jesus to others by listening to the evangelical sermon, you may be spiritually satisfied, but you are not living an evangelical life.

            In order to save souls, there are people who pray to find VIPs in various forms, and there are people who live a life of serving and devoting to help the souls receive Jesus. These are the people who live the evangelical life.

            Rather than living a church building centred, knowledge centred, grace centred faith life, you can only live a true faithful life when you live a life of faith that involves prayer, labour, and sacrifice in order to preach Jesus in the real world. These people make the evangelical church.
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