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          • 수정교회 번역팀  2022.08.06  20:30


          • We need to learn how to lose (Pastor Jae Jung Kim)

            It is important to win in this world. The goal is to win everything. The world welcomes successful people, but not failures. So people want to be successful, and not become failures. However, there are many ways to succeed and win for everyone. There are many ways to lose and there are many ways to fail. So just as you have to learn how to win, you also have to learn how to lose. You have to learn to succeed, but you have to learn to get back up when you fail.

            But often you learn how to win, but you don’t know how to lose. If you don’t learn how to lose, you won’t be able to get up when you fail, and you won’t be able to overcome it when you fail. That is why there are people whose lives are ruined by failures and live as failures.

            You also need to learn how to lose in your relationships with people. In life, difficulties or pain caused by people will always be encountered. When you don’t learn how to overcome the pain in relationships with people, you end up living with deep wounds caused by people.

            You have to learn how to do ministry well while doing the ministries. And when you encounter difficulties in your ministry, you must learn how to overcome them and stand back up. When we do not learn to stand back up, we give up on those ministries in the face of difficulties and failures.

            A failure in life does not mean a lost life. Failure in ministry does not mean becoming a defeated person in that ministry. Failing and being a failure are two different things.

            When you see figure skating athletes, there are times when they fall on ice after their jumps. Then they immediately get back up from where they fell and continue to skate to the music. Atheletes repeatedly train themselves to get up again after falling down countless times during their practice.

            Fallings and failings are not defeats. Defeat is when you fall and fail, and give up without attempting to get up again with self blame and frustration. If you get up when you fail and fall, you are not defeated. Failures and failings are ways to discipline us. The failures be to your benefit if you can become a better person through the failures, live a better life, and grow into a better person in your ministry.
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