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          • Phenomenon that occurs with mature faith

            When natural spirituality ripens in a community, they start looking outwards. There is something I realised while speaking with another pastor. The pastor said that he was focused on helping the church members receive grace. However, there were no changes to the church members in how much they wanted to evangelise with love, serve others and sacrifice themselves, but wanted more fiery grace based on their own high standards.

            It is not necessarily proportional to receiving a lot of grace and having your life changed. It is similar to the fact that life does not change with just a lot of Bible knowledge. Just because you have heard and know a lot, you are mistaken if you believe your faith is good. I think that this phenomenon is primiarily caused by not being able to turn outward in our religious life and focusing only on ourselves. This is a phenomenon that occurs when people are focused only on personal salvation or satisfying their own hunger and do not have a life where they practice their faith outside.

            Today, we are living in the age of the flood with the Word. If you go to YouTube on the smartphone in your hand, there are plenty of sermons or videos that give you Bible knowledge that are stimulating and intriguing. There are many people who have their own ecclesiology or beliefs that are combined with their own thoughts after hearing this and that from the internet. Some of them believe that it is unneccesary to go to church, be forced to obey, train and practice faith in hardship.

            I think this is dangerous. Because such videos provide knowledge, but do not help a person practice living as a believer in a community. Love for the lost souls, mature personality and relationship with other people, life of discipleship are only possible when the grace you have received flows outward.

            So sanctifation and maturity cannot occur outside of the community. It is to become sanctified as mature believers by having conflicts together in the community, overcoming difficulties, learning the Word through our bodies, and working together to love our neighbours and the lost souls.
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