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          • Are you a fan or a disciple?

                 “Are you a fan or a disciple?” Pastor Kyle, the author of ‘Not a fan’, sat in a large church on a Thursday afternoon and thought that many people would come to the service on Easter Sunday. He was thinking that he wanted to give a wonderful sermon and was wondering what he would talk about. He was staring at the empty seats thinking hard about it but couldn’t get any inspirations. ‘I have to give a sermon that will captivate the audience at once. What should I do?’ He opened the Bible but there was nothing that caught his eye.

                 Then, seeing that many people in front of Jesus were only interested in Jesus’ miracles and bread, and did not follow Him, he questioned himself, ‘Are you a fan or a disciple?’. It is said that this question changed his life completely.

                 We call ‘a person who likes someone passionately’ a fan. People go crazy when they see a sports player or their favourite singer and say that they are their fans. However, the fans cheer hard and enthusiastically but they don’t they actually sweat and play in the game. Fans do not sing, exercise, or perform themselves, but watch them with enthusiasm, applaud and cheer. But, fans don’t share their lives with them. Fans appear that they would give their own organs away including their liver and gall bladder, but if they are not happy, they would leave relentlessly and sometimes swear at them. Fans only show their likes but they don’t take responsibilities. A fan is always a fan.

                 As you read this book, the most important question for any Christian is, “Are you a fan of Jesus? Or Are you a disciple?” Jesus did not call us to be fans, but called us to be his disciples.

                 To diagnose whether we are a fan or a disciple, we can tell by looking at whether we are merely professing to believe in Jesus or if we are actually following Him. Even if you know a lot about Jesus, the problem of following him is completely different. Becoming a disciple means you have to follow Jesus wherever he tells you to go, obey whatever he says, and follow him with an obligation.

                 The author says that many churches in this era are ‘degenerating into factories that produce fans’. Our church earnestly wants to be a church that makes disciples, not a church that produces fans. And we hope that we will be disciples, not fans raving about the Lord.
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