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          • 수정교회 번역팀  2021.09.19  06:24

          • A Letter from Dad
                 My dear daughter, you were born in Spring when winter was over and warmth was felt. Your birth was a gift and blessing from God to mum and dad. The difficult life of studying in Australia would have been bleak without you. Seeing you grow up to be pretty and kind, dad could laugh and be happy. When I remember the memories of the past, laughter blooms even now. The first day you went to school with your brother, I remember you with a small body in a large school uniform. The cute figure dancing in the shiny clothes at the Trivia Night is also vivid.
                 Do you remember dad’s improvised fairy tale “Tofu’s dream”? You didn’t drink milk at all, so I thought I would make you eat tofu, so I said, “It’s Tofu’s dream to be eaten by you,” and I put tofu in your mouth. I wanted you to eat everything well, so I didn’t even think about what you wanted to eat and I am sorry I just forced you to eat it.
                 In retrospect, I am sorry we couldn’t spend our time together because of church planting and pastoring the church, but I am thankful for your understanding of your father’s and mother’s ministry life and for you being our helper. Every time we had a house church meeting, you took care of the children without any anger even when they messed up your room, and when mum and dad were having a hard time, you spent your time with us without a word… Although you are short, you have a big heart and are a strong daughter who make mum and dad happy.
                 You don’t know how happy dad and mum were when you dedicated yourself as a shepherd. Now that you are a school teacher, teach these children well, and now that you are married and started a family, I am thankful to you and God. I believe that God will surely bless you and that you will live a happy life as there are prayers from both parents.
                 #Last Saturday, my daughter Ha Kyung and Dae Won had a wedding service. I would like to express my gratitude to all those who have prayed and blessed us until this new family started.
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