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          • 수정교회 번역팀  2021.09.11  19:45

          • Happiness without a mission…
                 In the book “Start again with the Holy Spirit”, Pastor Jim Cymbal says “If you are happy without the Holy Spirit, your life is in danger”. I kept thinking about these words. I think this is what the Holy Spirit wants to say to us now.
                 I thought about the meaning of these words. First, the life of a Christian who pursues his own happiness without the guidance of the Holy Spirit can have spiritual issues. Second, it is dangerous for a Christian to pursue happiness without a mission in relation to the purpose given by the Holy Spirit. Not long ago, I watched a current affairs documentary comparing young people in Korea and China. Chinese young people were trying to start a business even when it was difficult, but young Koreans were trying to get a job at a large corporation or become a civil servant. I was a little offended by the comparison between China and Korea, but now that I realise what the young people are like in Korea, I am worried what the future of Korea will be if happiness and success were achieved this way. I felt a sense of crisis.
                  If we apply to Christian faith, we feel the same sense of crisis because there are too many Christians like civil servants. If you do not feel the burden of any mission now, and if you live with the thought of being comfortable and happy, it may be good for a while, but the happiness of a life without a mission will not last very long. There will be no future for the church. Christian happiness comes from the missions. That is why we must devote ourselves to the kingdom of God with the same mission as independence fighters, not civil servants.
            We are praying and preparing ahead of the 239th House Church Seminar for Pastors. Let’s get back up with the thought, “If a Christian is happy without a mission, it’s dangerous”. Let’s hold on and pray with the word “Start over with the Holy Spirit” once again and apply it in our lives and in our house churches. Let’s work together with the house church to raise up those who are weak in faith and serve to save the souls of our VIPs. Let’s see the big picture of the kingdom of God and serve the churches, and serve the missionaries, pastors and pastor’s wives.
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