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          • What Influences and Controls You?
            “What controls your life these days?” was a message from the Special Dawn Prayer Campaign. I believe this is the message the Holy Spirit is giving the current generation of Christians. If we are not under the control of the Holy Spirit, we will continue to be influenced by our carnal thoughts and emotions. The reason many people are unhappy is because they are constantly being controlled by negative thoughts, dark emotions, crisis, money and pains.
                 By nature, our thoughts and emotions do not seek to be controlled by the Holy Spirit. If our thoughts and emotions continue to be led by the flesh, eventually our spirits will become dry and the channels of grace will be blocked.
                 Jesus warned the church members in Laodicea, “It is neither hot nor cold, so I want to throw it away” (Revelation 3:15). This passage refers to a lukewarm and dry spiritual state that neither follows the Holy Spirit nor the word.
                 Therefore, believers must receive the Holy Spirit and maintain to be filled with the Holy Spirit by giving the intiative to the Holy Spirit voluntarily. Being filled with the Holy Spirit means being controlled and governed by the Holy Spirit.
                 The disciples of Jesus didn’t live purposefully even after hearing the word for three years, but after being controlled by the Holy Spirit, they became completely new creatures and lived a life of power. When the early churches selected deacons for ministry and almsgiving, they maintained the churches to be filled with the Holy Spirit by setting the criteria to select people filled with the Holy Spirit.
                 What is controlling you now? In the midst of the fast spreading Coronavirus pandemic, our bodies are trapped, stuffy and feel tired, but we must keep our spirits filled with the Holy Spirit, which will never be controlled by the flesh.
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