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          • 수정교회 번역팀  2021.08.21  19:35

          • Preparing for the 239th House Church Seminar for Pastors 
                 These days, I am preparing for the House Church Seminar for Pastors. We have held House Church Seminars for Lay People many times before, but this is the first time we are holding a House Church Seminar for Pastors and the thought of holding a seminar where pastors are attending makes me nervous.  
                 Due to the extended covid lockdown restrictions, I considered whether we should hold the seminar or not, however, I came to the decision to hold the seminar online and preparations for this are currently in progress. Although I thought about how much more effective it would have been for the house church seminar if the pastors attended in person, stayed at house church shepherds’ homes and experienced being served directly, I thought this was the best option we have for now. As I prepared the lecture material, my heart warmed as I looked back again at What is a church? Why am I doing this ministry? What should I be doing?  
                 Not many pastors have registered because the seminar is being held online and there is currently a lot of effort being made for only a few pastors and missionaries who have registered. However, if even one church can be built into a church that the Lord wants, I think this will be more valuable than anything. 
                 We have a little over a month left and the first thing we need to do is pray. As this seminar is to revive pastors and churches, we need to prepare for and overcome the spiritual attacks from Satan. We are going to be holding an online dawn prayer service for 3 weeks starting on 30th of August. Please join us to pray for the participating pastors, churches and house churches. 
                 Secondly, we need to maintain the house church. Not all house churches will be able to participate in serving the pastors, but it is, again, an opportunity to review and reflect on our house churches. This is because, rather than receiving the greatest grace from the lectures, the participating pastors and wives receive the greatest grace from witnessing shepherds living a life of saving souls and making disciples. Finally, I hope that all our church members can serve in the house church seminar, even in something small, and be able to experience the joy of serving together. 
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