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          • 수정교회 번역팀  2021.08.14  23:23

          • A small happiness in our daily routines
            While preparing for the House Church seminar for the pastors, I heard the testimony of Pastor YoungGi Choi. “Don’t keep procrastinating about your mission. The blessings you have will not always be with you. Don’t procrastinate on what you have to do now and just have fun doing it.”
            Pastor Choi said this while speaking about his wife. Although his wife was diagnosed with cancer and died within 5 years, she lived a miraculous life through the intercessory prayers of the church members. It is said that the wife rejoiced in the little things that made her happy. For example, she was so happy when she saw washed up dishes. Pastor Choid said that he was always able to do his best for his wife as if today was her last day and he was able to fulfill the mission entrusted to him as if today was his last day.
            Looking back, he said that he had so many blessings from God that he wanted to live with joy. Back in the days, he had thought that his daily routine was boring, but he said that he was very grateful for those days. When he woke up in the morning and felt his wife’s warmth, he was grateful that his wife was alive. He was happy that he could have good health to pray and had a mission that he liked so much.
            As I listened to the pastor’s testimony, I realised once again how grateful I was for my daily routines. Especially this week, my wife was injured and my father was hospitalised, so I realised that today’s ordinary day was very precious. As if today was the last chance to fulfill the mission God has given you, try to live your life to the fullest, while not delaying the blessing that God has given you, and please make a resolution to live with gratitude and joy.
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