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          • 수정교회 번역팀  2021.07.24  22:32

          • Let’s get COVID-vaccinated
            Recently in Sydney, we experienced an outbreak that has now brought back COVID restrictions. Since our church has already had experience with complying with government restrictions, the church is responding to the current restrictions. During Sunday worship, you must wear a mask again, sanitise your hands, sign in using the QR code and practice social distancing. If there are many people in the worship service you are attending, your house church can attend another service to adjust the total number of people in attendance.
            Until we completely overcome COVID, this situation is likely to repeatedly occur. So, I hope you are able to get the COVID vaccine as soon as possible. This is because if there is collective immunity, we can more freely hold worship service and house church meetings. After several attempts online, I have also made a reservation to get the vaccine.
            It seems that there are some church members who are reluctant to be vaccinated or don’t feel a real need. In particular, there seems to be fear regarding the AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccine causing blood clots. However, not all people who receive the AZ vaccine end up getting blood clots. It is said to occur in people who lack platelets in their blood. There is little chance that a normal person who gets the AZ vaccine will get blood clots. The Pfizer vaccine has fewer side effects. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States, where side effects occurred there have been no fatalities and the side effects were treatable.
            In the opening remarks of the recent Pastors Conference held in Korea, Director Soo Gwan Lee, Head of the International Ministries, mentioned that he had actively promoted the safety of the vaccine to his congregation (Houston Seoul Baptist Church) and strongly encouraged his congregation to get vaccinated. As a result, 90% of church members were vaccinated and the church has returned to normal. In Korea, too, churches are actively campaigning for vaccination.
            Don’t just think about getting vaccinated someday, don’t be deceived by rumours about the vaccine and let’s actively get vaccinated. In this way, collective immunity can quickly develop and church life can return to normal.
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