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          • 수정교회 번역팀  2021.07.24  22:34

          • If you look closely, after a while, you will see
            The poet, Tae Joo Na, wrote a poem called the “Wildflower”. Many people love this poem and memorise it.
            When you look at it closely, It is pretty / It is when you look at it for a long time, It is lovely / So are you.
            Tae Joo Na became a Christian and met Jesus on his death bed. Whether this is the reason why, when you read his poems, you can feel God’s heart. During his 34 years in education, when he was a principal, he recalled a few kids who would not listen and always caused trouble. He looked at them and wondered how he could grow to love them. The result of this was the poem, “Wildflower”.
            “Wildflowers” are flowers that are trivial, worthless and uncultivated. Despite this, if you look closely, you can see beauty in it and you are able to feel that as God made people, it is without a doubt, people are beautiful and pretty. The poet expressed this as “So are you”. Through this phrase, I thought about two things.
            Firstly, with the phrase “So are you”, I feel the importance of looking at ourselves through the eyes of God. Someone who is able to recognise just how valuable they are, a created and designed masterpiece in God’s shape and image, is able to live a valuable life, and also able to view others in the same way.
            Secondly, through the phrase “So are you”, I can feel the expression of a heart that appreciates others and views them warmly. If you view others based on their superficial outward appearance, we will only find issues. We might not be able to stand them or may feel hatred towards them. But, if you look closely, and for a while, we will be able to see. We will see how precious their life is, and how much we should love them. If you have any negative thoughts about someone in your heart, please try to understand them more deeply and empathise with them, just like God’s own heart, and look closely, for a while, at them.
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