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          • 김지나  2020.11.27  12:54

          • The goal of mokjang gatherings is to experience God (1)

            The ultimate goal of mokjangs is to save souls and make disciples. However, our goal for each gathering every week should be to experience God. In other words, when your mokjang family goes back home after each gathering and they ask themselves, ‘What did I do today?’ you should make it a goal for them to be able to say ‘Oh, this is what our gathering was about today!’
            So when the mokjang leader leads the meeting and they follow the order of having dinner, praise and announcements, sharing time, prayer, etc., they must ensure that all members of the mokjang experience God at some point.
            This is equivalent to the pastor also setting their goal for the united service on Sunday for the congregation, including himself, to experience God throughout the service. So the pastor prepares for the united service in prayer, so that the congregation will meet and experience God during service. This is because the church members must meet God during the Sunday service in order to be spiritually charged and live as children of God throughout the week with the strength given.
            Mokjang gatherings can also go off track if the goal is not set clearly to experience God. If the members do not experience God and this continues, the gathering can eventually become pointless. There are two reasons we fail to experience God. First is if the leader only follows the program and goes by the manual. Second is if the leader worries too much about what their mokjang members think, and the meeting becomes a social gathering.
            Hence, the leader of each mokjang must ask themselves, ‘How can I help our members experience God today?’ Mokjang members also must think about ‘how will I experience the living God through our gathering today?’ and come with anticipating hearts and make an effort.

            This week’s message
            The seminar for lay people is now two weeks away with 39 participants from 14 churches attending. I ask for everyone’s cooperation so that the seminar plays a part in them learning about the House Church and establishing healthy churches.
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