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          • 김지나  2020.12.04  08:16

          • The goal of mokjang gatherings (2) ‘How do we experience God?’

            Last week we said that the goal of mokjang gatherings is to ‘experience God’. So then ‘how do we experience God?’ We will look at two main points that can be applied in every part of our gatherings.
            First is through service to others. All members of the mokjang including the leaders experience God’s love through serving one another. If someone has been served and has received help, God is working through the one that gave help, hence everyone in the mokjang experiences God. Therefore, the leader must steer the mokjang towards serving one another.

            Second is through answered prayers. The surest way of experiencing God is through prayers being answered. One important role of the mokjang leader is turning people’s stories into prayer topics. New believers may not be able to distinguish a prayer topic despite having one. And some people may simply share how their week has been and if the leader fails to turn this into a spiritual prayer topic, the sharing time during the gathering can turn into worldly gossip or a time of venting. So the role of the leader is to listen attentively to everyone and think about how their current needs can be fulfilled through answered prayers.
            “Based on what you have just said, I think it would be a good idea to ask for such and such in prayer! What do you think? May I pray for you?” When someone’s story is turned into a prayer topic, a general talk can turn into a spiritual sharing. It is also a good idea to assign someone in charge of mokjang intercessory prayer to note down prayer requests and answered prayers.
            After sharing time, everyone can pray together with the topics shared and the leaders should pray fervently throughout the week. When we pray to God, God will surely answer our prayers at various times and in various ways and we will experience Him.
            When our mokjangs experience God through service and prayer, our VIPs will realise our gatherings are different from the world and experience the living God.

            This week’s message
            The House Church seminar for laypeople will be held this Friday through to Sunday. We ask for your prayer for us to experience God at work and also for all 39 participants from 14 churches to devote themselves as mokjang leaders.
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