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          • 김지나  2020.09.19  15:00

          • Want to be happy? Take the Road to Happiness class.
            We have finished the 1st class of Road to Happiness. The next classes will be held as a day class and an evening class. I would like everyone at our church to eventually take this class. Previously, I wrote about how much I enjoyed the Road to Happiness seminar and I went through it all over again teaching the class.
            There are numerous people with emotional disorders in the modern society and too many of them don’t know how to be cured and continue to live unhappy lives. Road to Happiness deals with issues of our inner beings, relationships, communication, empathy, depression, humiliation, etc. so it can be beneficial to those with emotional disorders. Also, the class will teach us to listen, to communicate and empathize, leading to restoration and healing in our mokjangs.
            Road to Happiness is easy enough for anyone to take and to apply. There is an instructors’ class and a participants’ class. My wish is for everyone at church to one day become instructors but at this stage, only mokjang leaders will be taking this class. And the leaders can then become instructors for their mokjang members. For any non mokjang leaders that wish to become instructors, they can first take the participants’ class with their mokjang leaders and then take the instructors’ class after.
            The upcoming class (for instructors) is due to commence on 29th September at 10am and will be held at the church with a maximum of 16 people. The evening class will be held at 7.30pm online, also with a maximum of 16 people. Attending class offline will be more effective than the online class but the evening online class is for those who are unable to attend offline due to time constraints. However, the first session will be held at church offline. If you wish to register, please fill out the registration form and place it in the offering box by 20th September.

            This week’s message
            When we stop being grateful, we will experience misfortunes. Gratitude is like a medicine for the soul. When we write down five things we are grateful for every day, we will be rid of negative or unhappy thoughts.
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