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          • 김지나  2020.03.27  14:21

          • We will hold Sunday services online.

            With COVID-19 escalating, the government has advised not to gather in groups of 100 or more people so the church has decided to hold Sunday services online, in our mokjangs. This has made me realize how precious it was to have the whole congregation gather for worship. It is an unfortunate situation, but I pray it will be an opportunity for the strength of a true house church to be revealed, like the New Testament church.
            Despite our Sunday service being held online, our hearts and attitudes towards our worship to God should not be any different. In fact, we should have a greater love and desire for worship.
            In order to ensure our worship is done right,
            first, we must prepare ourselves for the service. Worship involves having a program and the worship team prepares well in advance behind the scenes. As such, our online service is not something we view through the screen but a worship we give to God. So we must ensure our service time and place is one in which we are not interrupted, and we also must be dressed appropriately. If we did something else during service or lied down, we will be giving a failed worship.
            Secondly, we must check our equipment for the online service beforehand. Rather than watching from our mobile phones, please connect the video to your TV or computer. If you are unable to, place your mobile on a stand on the table so you are not distracted by your phone throughout the service.

            Thirdly, if you are at home for the online service, the same preparation and attitude apply. Ask your mokjang leader for an “online service guide”, and notify them of your attendance. We are unsure how long we will be holding online services for but I pray for and look forward to our whole congregation worship on Sunday.

            This week’s message
            Due to COVID-19, we are gathering in our mokjangs for the Sunday joint service. We are not able to gather all together at church, but please give your best where you are, as you would if you were attending service at church.
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