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          • 김지나  2020.04.02  09:21

          • Preparing for the 90th House Church Conference for Pastors

            The 90th House Church Conference for Pastors in Oceania is being held at Long Point Conference Centre between 27th and 29th January 2020 and our church will be hosting the conference for 49 pastor couples attending from all over Oceania. Dedicating themselves to the preparation of the event, we have Operations team (Kim Jongyong), Administrative team (Choi Sunwoong), Informations team (Song Hakyung), Decorations team (Park Minjung), F&B team (Lee Baekhan), Intercessory prayer team (Jo Yanghee), Liaison team (Shim Sangbo), and Praise and worship team (Kim Sungwon).
            House Church conferences differ to seminars in that rather than holding the event at the church, a convention centre is rented, which means it's not easy for too many people to be helping out on the scene, and only those who are running the conference are able to stay. Nonetheless, we need everyone's help and support.
            First, we need our intercessory team (Moknyo Jo Yanghee) to continue praying for the event. If you are not yet a part of the team and would like to join, you can speak to Jo Yanghee and support the conference with prayer.
            Secondly, the Liaison team (Mokja Shim Sangbo) and Welcome & Information team (Mokja Song Hakyung) will be providing pick-ups for the pastors on the day of the conference and welcoming them.
            Thirdly, the operations team (Mokja Kim Jongyong) will help with decorations, set ups and cleaning.
            Next is the F&B team- we have a kitchen team and a dessert team and the kitchen team will be staying overnight to help with the food and the dessert team will prepare ahead of the event and also stay during the event and set up for dessert.
            Lastly, we require financial support for the conference. This conference requires a big cost, and we require financial help in each of our teams. We welcome any offerings that are given should anyone wish to support us with the attending pastors in mind.

            This week's message
            We have a special dawn prayer service this week from Monday-Saturday. Let this prayer service be one in which we experience God working in us as we start the day with dawn prayer.
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