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          • 2023 The Three strand cord Prayer Meetings Period: September 18th (Monday) - 22nd (Friday), 7:30 PM
            The three strand cord prayer meeting is where three people become prayer partners, share prayer topics, and pray together. Since last year, we have held three strand cord prayer meetings in the evenings, and it has been a great blessing for the church.
            Shepherds and partners should make an effort to form prayer partners with the house church family. Even if they can't come to church and pray, please help them form prayer partners so they can pray. In principle, prayer partners should of the same sex and not of the opposite sex, but with the shepherd's permission, people of the opposite sex can also become prayer partners. Prayer partners can be formed with people who want to pray together and they can be from another house church. At this time, we ask shepherds to not pair up with another shepherd as much as possible, but to pair up with people they want to pray with or people who need prayer.
            During the three strand cord prayer period, prayer partners share each other's prayer topics through KakaoTalk or meet in advance and pray for each other. Please meet about once a day before the prayer meeting or share prayer topics and answers through KakaoTalk once a day. During the prayer meetings, please focus on praying rather than sharing prayer topics. If your prayer partner does not attend the prayer meeting, you can pray on your own. When praying, please pray for your prayer partner’s prayer topics first. Please choose one prayer topic to support your own growth in faith and one prayer topic related to your life and let your prayer partners know what they should pray for beforehand.
            The book selected for this prayer meeting is called ‘RADICAL’. You can purchase books in Korean and English as ebooks, so please purchase them and read them together to participate.
            What is expected through the prayer meetings is to prepare through prayer ahead of the 725th Lay Leaders’ seminar. However, praying for the Lay Leaders’ seminar is also for the revival of your church and house church, and the spiritual growth of your family and individuals. Those of you who have had your prayers answered after the Three strand cord prayer meetings, please share the answered prayers at house church meetings.
            “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” (Ecc 4:12)

            Next week will be the Thanksgiving Sunday. Let's prepare a Thanksgiving gift to thank God for His grace throughout the year.
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