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          • 이동주  2023.09.23  11:29


          • Please be a person of blessing
            I saw a photo of an Umbrella Angel in an article. This is a photo of an old man pulling waste paper in a cart, caught in a sudden downpour, and a woman walking behind him, holding an umbrella for him. This woman walked over a kilometer down the road, carrying her own shopping cart on one side and the umbrella on the other side. She later said that when this good deed became known, she said, "I did what I had to do because of my Christian faith." I thought that she was a blessed person with a warm heart.
            In the Bible, there are several examples of people being blessed by showing hospitality to strangers without knowing they were angels. A representative example is Abraham. When Abraham sees the three strangers, he runs to them and takes them into his home. He then treats them with bread and meat. There are two reasons why characters in the Bible welcome strangers like this. Firstly, “God could be hidden among strangers,” and secondly, “I too am like a stranger.” God records Abraham as a blessed man who entertained angels without knowing it. And we are told not to neglect to show hospitality to strangers (Hebrews 13:2).
            I hope that you will become people of blessing. A person who earnestly hopes and prays for blessings, but is stingy when it comes to serving or helping others, has a life that is far from blessed. Conversely, a person who has become accustomed to welcoming and serving people even though his or her own life is difficult is a blessed person.
            We ask that those serving in this 752nd House Church Seminar for Lay Leaders (Pyeongse) serve with the heart as if you are serving angels. This year, 37 people from 12 churches are attending. Rather than learning by listening to lectures, they see, learn, and remember your hospitality and service. They will see and learn from your service in providing accommodation, assistance, and answers to questions. They will then return to their church to do the same. When they are in ministry and encounter difficult situations, they will probably be able to overcome them by remembering the images of you that they met at the seminar.
            You must also remember that behind these people are the earnest intercessory prayers of the pastors and their partners who is trying to build a healthy church. In the end, serving those who attend the seminar is a big task that builds up and helps the church.
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