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          • 어정희  2023.07.08  13:32


          • When you think things are not going well
            When you think there are times when house church meetings are going well, there are also times when it is not going well. There are times in the house church when things are going well and the lost are being saved, but there are also times when there are no VIPs and times of stagnation. There are also times when it is frustrating because of the lack of changes in house church members. And so, there are times when we are in a state of external stasis. It is easy to think things are not going well when there are no external changes in members or if the number of members in the house church doesn’t change. However, if you have a heart to love the lost and serve, things are not not going well, it is part of a process.
            Difficulties at the house church are not something that should be avoided, but should be considered as a process that needs to be overcome. There are always difficulties in a house church, and difficulties are something to be embraced. Will it go well? Will it be difficult? Will it succeed or will it fail? These should not be our questions. You don't have to be swayed by people's opinions. You don't have to feel that you need to compare with others. Rather, we must overcome the temptation of success and fear of failure.
            If you obey what God wants you to do, if you are walking on that path, that time is precious. There are times it goes well and there are times when it is difficult. Sometimes it's rewarding, and sometimes it's frustrating. These are things we should expect and prepare for. And so, the heart that is able to humbly pray and wait for His timing when no one gathers is even more precious.
            There are spiritual benefits in overcoming difficulties. Knowing that it is not possible with my own power, I pray more earnestly, and it also makes us think of that one lost soul as being even more precious. Through the process of overcoming difficulties, the muscle of faith grows, and sometimes it causes my character to change.
            Therefore, when you think things are not going well, you must focus on God instead of looking for other ways or methods. When things go wrong, you should instead focus on your spirit and principles. If you silently pray and focus on God, God will surely grant you fruit in His time.
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