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          • Full members of the church have responsibilities
            In order to register as a member at this church, you must first belong to a house church. This is because Sydney Crystal Church is a union of house churches. Not being in a house church means you cannot become a member of this church. So, when you belong to a house church and participate in the house church, the shepherd will guide you to make a commitment and register as a member of our church.
            When you become a registered member, we will make a pigeon hole for you. Registered members can participate and serve in ministries, but are not yet able to participate in the church‘s policy development, have the right to vote or become ministry leaders.
            This is why you should not remain as a registered member, but become a full member of the church. Full members have duties and responsibilities. To become a full member, you must complete the Living Life bible study. You must also belong to ministry by participating in serving in church ministries. Full members of the church will have the ability to introduce themselves by referring to their house church and which ministry they serve in. For example, if given the opportunity to introduce themselves, they would say “I belong to ABC house church and I serve in the XYZ ministry”. If you are not involved in a ministry, it means you are not yet a full member of the church.
            These days, our worship service is divided into three services and often people leave immediately after service has finished. Of course, life is tiring and busy, so you may want to spend at least your Sunday resting comfortably, especially with the limited parking space at church. So, this may cause you to want to quickly pull out your car so the people coming for the next service can park. However, if it remains this way for a long time, the church will develop a structure like an orphanage where only a few people serve many. So, if possible, I hope you can park your cars further away, have fellowship with those outside your house church, and actively devote to serving in church ministries.
            And if you are already a full member of the church, I hope, in faith, you will dream of becoming a shepherd or shepherd’s wife. We are a church that trains lay people to become lay ministers. That’s why shepherds are entrusted with running a house church. You must become a shepherd to truly experience living as a disciple of the Lord. Due to COVID-19, the pace of house church multiplications and hug ceremonies have slowed down. This year, I hope each house church will make it a goal to have one hug ceremony a year and through house church multiplications, new shepherds and shepherds’ wives will be raised up.
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