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          • 수정교회 번역팀  2022.09.25  05:49


          • Regarding the opening of house churches during the Lay Leader’s Seminar

            Last week, the registration for the 708th seminar for Lay Leader’s closed in just 2 days. 33 people registered for the 30-person capacity. The most important thing during the seminar is the visiting of the house church meetings. House church seminars focus on learning through watching, and because of this, it becomes essential to hear the lectures, participate in house church meetings, and to experience house church meetings first hand. We expect that all house churches will open their meetings for visits during this seminar unless there are special reasons.

            When it comes to actually opening up of their house church meetings, there will be reasons that make it burdensome. Among them, the most representative reason is that there are not many house church members during the house church meetings, and the second reason is that the shepherd will need to also open their house and allow the visitors to stay over the 2 nights.

            It is hard work. However, it is not only serving other churches, but it is also an opportunity for your house church to be renewed, and to be able to experience many graces and blessings hidden within the difficulties.

            To be able to open for the house church meeting visits, the house church meeting should have at least 3 families, or at least 5 people. However, even a small house church with a small number of people can participate by preparing in advance and joining with another house church. In addition, if you think that it is difficult to open your house because it is too small to accommodate visitors, you may find it surprising that the visitors often feel more grace by seeing shepherds open their house and serve them despite the poor situation.

            In order to open for the house church meetings, please prepare for the house church meetings in the order set in the house church manual. House church meetings will be held on the Saturday evening during the seminar, so even if your house church meetings are normally held on a weekday, please be prepared to meet on the Saturday during the seminar. And I hope that the goal of the house church meeting visits should be to invite the house church’s VIPs on that day. It is because the greatest challenge for the participants will come from seeing the souls being saved through the house church meetings with their own eyes.
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