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          • 수정교회 번역팀  2022.08.20  15:31


          • The heart of waiting

            I remember a young couple living in the city around the time of planting this church and visiting them because they didn't come to church. It was a very windy winter at the time. No matter how many times I rang the bell, there was no answer. I remember coming back home after waiting 3 hours in front of a high-rise apartment with two young children in a windy winter. So, the ministry was a series of waiting. One family after one family, I prayed and waited with the hope that they would be restored, and it felt very good seeing those who were restored.

            Now, I see the shepherds and shepherds’ wives waiting. On the day of the house church meeting, shepherds spend their day waiting for the meeting. On cold Saturday mornings, the desperate prayers of shepherds and shepherds’ wives for the house church members represent their hearts. Shepherds call to see if the house church member would be coming to the house church meeting that day, send KakaoTalk messages, and wait for replies. They prepare food with a waiting heart. If the appointed time arrives and the members do not come, the shepherds send a KakaoTalk message. It is because there are people who say they will come, but say they cannot come on the day of the house church meeting. If there are not many house church members, the heart of waiting becomes more desperate.
            When the house church members arrive and the house becomes full, the shepherd becomes so happy after their time of waiting. Shepherds don’t even get paid by anyone. When you see people who used to be self-centered praying and waiting for others, you can feel the heart of the Lord in them.
            The house church meeting is like a festival in heaven. When Jesus spoke of heaven, he didn’t speak of an abstract concept, but being with people he loved, sitting around the same table, and eating, drinking, enjoying, and feasting. The dining table was not just a place to eat food, but a place where sinners could receive salvation and taste God's grace, become God's family, and taste the heavenly feast. Jesus prepares the heavenly feast and sends his servants to tell those who have been invited and waits for them. (Luke 14:16-17)
            A spiritual meal is tasted at the feast in heaven. The stories of spiritual families living and experiencing God for a week give us a different taste each time. Some days there is confession and comfort, some days there is healing and victory, and some days there is failure, despair and pain. Some days there is forgiveness and acceptance. Looking at these different flavours, we experience heaven in all of our lives.
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