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          • A natural spirituality
            Among churches, there are churches that progress through a programmed spirituality, and there are churches that progress through a natural spirituality.
            A church that progresses through a programmed spirituality is created through programs and events. Only those who are interested in the program would participate and those who do not, do not care at all. Faith rests on their knowledge and their own thoughts. It is only when there is a ministry or an event, that makes their faith move and work. And all the work has to be asked and forced to be done.
            However, a church with a natural spirituality has character, personality, and religious maturity that are formed over a long period of time. It is not forced but occurs naturally. It is not done by someone asking them to do it but done voluntarily. There is a practical commitment.
            Many churches are not deep-rooted because they are trained in a programmed spirituality. It takes a lot of time for natural spirituality to appear. It takes a long time to recognise this because of what we have learned in the world and because we are saturated in the worldly values.
            House Church pursues natural spirituality. Through the house churches, you build a family community and practice natural spirituality and a practical commitment. As we live our life of faith centred on this community, it becomes only natural, to create an atmosphere (spirituality) of love and encouragement in our relationships.
            We make positive changes by repeatedly committing ourselves based on the Word through the Sunday worship service. Through the house churches, you repeatedly train in service and support for the lost souls, and practice relationships. We train in life, not knowledge, through the life Bible studies.
            In order for natural spirituality to take root in the church, it is necessary to continuously train for a long time centred on the three axes of worship, house churches, and life Bible studies. As time goes by, the whole church will become a family, want to meet and see each other, and the Word and prayer will naturally melt into your life, serve with true love to those who do not know Jesus, and be happy when one soul meets Jesus.
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