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          • Reasons to keep the purity of your faith

            At last week’s Wednesday prayer meeting, I summarised some of the sermons under the theme of “The next generation. Establishing Biblical values”.

            Why do churches in England, where Christianity was once revived, stagnate? There are important reasons for this.

            First, it is because they abandoned the evangelical faith and embraced the liberal idealogy of faith. Liberal faith is people who do not believe in the Bible as the exact and infallible Word of God, but live freely in compromise with the world. Liberals have forced us to abandon the main values of faith that the pre-existing churches emphasize, such as Bible centred, church centred, communion on Sundays, and tithing.

            Second, it is because we have failed to pass on our faith to the next generation. This is because neither the Bible nor biblical values were properly taught, and faith was not properly transferred, saying that faith is a personal choice.

            Third, when the theory of evolution came in, the churches were silent, and when homosexuality came in, churches stood by. Eventually, as creationism and sexual values collapsed, the churches rapidly became secularised and began to collapse.

            Fourth, the sense of community had been lost due to the personalisation and secularisation of faith.

            Among them, believers such as the Puritans in England kept their faith pure by leaving the worldly life.

            In the last days before the coming of the Lord in this age, many people will fall into Satan’s temptations and will leave God, love the world and money more, and leave faith. Naturally, the next generation will be a different generation without God. Before it’s too late, we need to wake up, keep our faith pure, and instill in our children biblical values.
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