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          • The framework for a happy life
                 There is a children’s story called “Percy, The King of Pink”. King Percy liked the colour pink excessively. It was not just his clothes, but all of his belongings were pink and all his food was made pink. The king even made a ridiculous law that meant everything in his kingdom had to be dyed pink. However, the king was not happy. There was one thing he couldn’t make pink. It was the sky.
                 After pondering on it for a while, he asked his mentor if there was any way to change the colour of the sky into pink. A few days later, the mentor visited the king. “Your majesty! I have changed the colour of the sky to pink. Please wear these glasses and look at the sky.” Then, the king put on the glasses and looked at the sky. Surprisingly, all the clouds and the sky had become pink. This was because the mentor made glasses with pink lenses. After this, the king lived happily ever after, with the new glasses to look at the pink world around him.
                 In everyone’s heart, there is an underlying structure or framework. Our hearts look out into this world through the viewpoint of our framework. Our framework is makes our life.
                 When we are never satisfied and feel unhappy, we are using our own standards as the framework. This is one of the reasons why we become unhappy. We are only happy when life fits in our framework and we feel unhappy when it doesn’t. Because we are set in our framework, changes to our environment or changing circumstances can cause changes to our emotions.
            God gave us glasses called, “the Bible,” to help us get rid of our own standards as the basis of our framework. Through the bible, we find a way to move away from our own values or life views, as our values or view may be wrong. Through the bible, we will be able to look towards what true everlasting happiness is.
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