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          • God’s Standard
                 Rather than fulfilling our own purpose, we need to serve or work for a purpose that pleases God. People who strive to do this are people that God recognises and is proud of. However, there are times when we may be doing this type of work but we are not happy doing it. This could be because the results are not good or you have not reaped any noticeable fruits, so you think that you’re not doing a good job and you become discouraged. 
                 It is a pity that even though the work is recognized by God and therefore, precious work, we are not happy in our ministry because of an incorrect evaluation we have made ourselves or from others. The reason why we are doing this ministry is because of God’s calling. Whether you are a pastor, a shepherd or shepherd’s wife, the focus of your ministry is to faithfully obey the work that God has entrusted to you. One may work very hard in the ministry with all of his talents and environment, but the fruit can be little or results could be poor. However, what God values the most is faithful obedience to the work He has given us to do. 
                 God’s standard is different to the world’s standard. There may be people who, in the eyes of the world, are successful, but in the sight of God, are failures. Likewise, there may be people who, in the eyes of the world, seem to be failures, but in God’s eyes are successful people. God’s standard of judgement is not the visible results or visible fruits, but faithfulness. It is important to faithfully obey and serve in our ministry. If fruit results, we should be grateful and when there are no fruits, we need to look at ourselves. 
                 When the fruit or results are not good, and you feel hurt in your heart or feel it is unfair, or you complain or feel resentment, then you need to examine your inner motives. This is because there is a possibility that you are working for your own purpose rather than for God’s joy. 
                 We must not forget that God rewards those that live faithfully and obediently for God’s joy and for His calling. 
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