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          • 수정교회 번역팀  2021.05.30  07:20

            The importance of the culture of etiquette and education
            It seems that among the younger generation these days, etiquette is merely seen as an old culture or a byproduct of authoritarianism. That’s why, when the parents’ generation tries to teach manners, the younger generation show a sense of opposition to why the adults are trying to impose old tradition to them, and they do not hesitate to behave without courtesy or order. Of course, the wrong authoritarian mindset of the old generation is a problem, but I think a culture of good manners is worth keeping regardless whether you are from the East or the West.
            Our culture of etiquette not only affects the personality and morality of individuals, but in the long term, it affects a group’s unity and the moral concept of the society. Therefore, the manners taught to children to develop in etiquette and good character, make the unity and the society bright and warm. On the contrary, we see that a society that has abandoned etiquette has also abandoned the concept of order and is transformed into an inferior culture.
            Western culture was once a society that valued etiquette such as chivalry, gentlemanship, and courtship. And, the country that destroyed this etiquette and took the lead in the creation of a carefree culture is the United States, and looking at their current social order and the general morality, it is shocking and even embarrassing. The same goes for Australia. The culture of etiquette in public schools has collapsed beyond its reach, and parents are starting spend a lot of money to send their children to private schools.
            Before it is too late, when we raise our children, I think that we should value etiquette and strive to pass on that value to the next generation. First parents need to teach their children at home about respecting parents, respecting adults, talking and behaving politely, and being orderly, and within the house church and at church, we need to strive to and think together in order to pass on faith as well as etiquette. I think that if the current generation does not teach the next generation the culture of etiquette, this precious etiquette may disappear forever.
            Word of the week:
            At worship times or meetings, I sometimes see people who can’t concentrate due to focusing on the contents of social media or KakaTalk on their smartphones. Please refrain from using it unless absolutely necessary, such as taking notes at worship service or at house churches.
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