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          • 수정교회 번역팀  2021.05.23  06:59

          • Recommendations for 3 directions
            Last week, the 95th Korean Pastors’ conference was held online. At the closing speech, Pastor Young Ki Choi gave recommendations for 3 directions. The pastor’s recommendations are summarized below.
            Firstly, we need to focus more on saving the lost souls. Most churches strive to save the lost souls but often lose focus of saving the lost souls because of the tendency to wanting to keep their old ways that may interfere with saving the lost souls. A unity that has been separated from this goal announce that they want to make a unity made of love but when looking at it from an external point of view, it just looks like a group that has been combined with selfishness. Therefore, if a church does not concentrate on saving the lost souls, a church will lose its reason for existence, and the members will lose their value of being a member at the church. Let’s focus on saving the lost souls with all our might.
            Secondly, we need to raise the standards of our life with the Word. So far, the method of discipleship in a House Church has been to look and learn. And so, there has been many Bible studies that focused on applying what we have learnt into our lives. Now, it is time that we need to raise the standards of our life with the Word in order to build a Biblical church by having a firm basis in the basics of the Bible. We often see new Christians not being able to have a Quiet Time with the Bible and have difficulties in understanding some of the other Bible studies due to them not knowing the fundamentals of the Bible. It is recommended that the shepherds and shepherds’ wives complete the Life with the Word Bible study and then for house church members to develop strong knowledge of the fundamental idea of the Bible by enrolling into the Life with the Word Bible study.
            Thirdly, we need to start a ministry where we care for the minority groups. In the early days of a House Church, house churches should focus on saving the lost souls where we learn to naturally serve others. The next step is to focus on the missionaries in the world, and then, the next step is to bring about changes in our society, and this is where we need to start the ministry of caring for the minority groups. God’s love is a type of love that flows from a high place to a low place. We need to start having an interest in where God’s love flows, and when this happens, we will be able to complete God’s kingdom on this earth. We need to care for the minority groups including prisoners in jails, widows in need, elders living alone, beggars, and patients with illnesses. We need to become a Church where we embrace them as a family.
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