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          • 수정교회 번역팀  2021.05.15  21:16

          • How to overcome stagnation in the house church

            First is to make the sharing work well. The sharing has to be done well in order for the house church to work well. However, sharing life is not about sharing how you lived during the week. Life is almost always the same each week. Sharing life is about the sharing of events, feelings or emotions that were experienced during the week. These are things that can vary week to week. As you share this, you will be able to help one another and find prayer points to all pray about together. 

            It is also about being able to share the Word well. Sharing the Word is not just about sharing the grace you received from the Word, but it’s about sharing how you applied the Word in your life that week. Even if it is something small, there is a need to share the commitment made that week. Through this, you can also challenge your own life through the spiritual life of others as they share how they applied the Word in their life that week.  

            Secondly, try to participate in bible studies. When you study the Word, you become spiritually replenished and spiritually energised. That is why our house churches all participate in bible studies. The shepherd must first participate and then they can encourage the house church members to participate in bible study. 

            Thirdly, it is about focusing on prayer. It is about praying intercessory prayers for the prayer points of all the house church members during the week together. It is also about encouraging house church members to participate in church-based prayer meetings, for example, Wednesday night service or Saturday dawn prayer meetings. It will help create an atmosphere to pray and will be an opportunity to pray. While participating in prayer like this, house church members will be able to experience God and become spiritually revitalised. 

            Finally, try to hold combined house church meetings with other house churches. It is about choosing house churches that are doing well and observing the positive attributes, learning from it and being challenged. It is also an opportunity to get to know another house church. When a house church experiences stagnation, through these efforts, we hope that your house church will be able to overcome it. 
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