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          • 김지나  2021.04.12  08:01

          • Post-Special service is what matters

            Many participated in the Special dawn prayer service titled “Prayer that saves”. I was quite moved and felt grateful to see students and even children coming to church at dawn to pray. It felt like the most eager dawn prayer service we have had so far. However, there are still those who are unsure of how to pray after not having prayed for so long, and those who are not having deep experiences with God through their prayer. And because prayer services should not be a one-off event, I wanted this prayer service to motivate us to continue to pray.
            Hence, we will continue to have our dawn prayer services on weekdays from 5.30am to 7am, led by ministers. We will try this out during the month of April and decide then whether to make it permanent. We will continue to run Saturday services as normal.
            Our dawn prayer service will include reading the Scripture from the monthly Living Life devotional published by Duranno, reading the commentary, praying together and then praying on our own. Those who have not subscribed to Living Life can access it online (https://www.duranno.com/qt/) or can subscribe online at a low fee. We will not be able to provide online videos as we did with the special service. However, if there is a large number of people wishing to participate but are unable due to distance, time, etc., we may consider making it available via Zoom. What’s important is that we don’t stop praying. For Christians, prayer is our breath of soul and our life. Especially for us with the calling to save lives and make disciples, we are unable to endure our calling without prayer, and we won’t be able to save a single soul. God works through those that pray and through their prayers.

            This week’s message
            The special dawn prayer service has ended with God’s grace. We will continue to have weekday dawn prayer services led by ministers so that we can continue to come to church to pray. Saturday dawn prayer services will also continue to run.
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