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          • 김지나  2020.11.07  12:24

          • Principles of the house church (1) We must gather every week.

            Crystal Church is composed of house churches called mokjangs and leaders of mokjangs are equal to lay ministers hence they shepherd those in their mokjangs. As we prepare for the upcoming 617th House Church seminar for laypeople, I’d like to remind you all of the basic principles of mokjang gatherings.
            The basic principle of mokjangs is that we gather every week. Why every week? Mokjangs are not small groups, they are a church. The ground rule for churches is that they gather every week. Just as the pastor will hold service for one congregation member, mokjang leaders should be of the same mindset and hold the gathering even for just one person.
            If a gathering is not held or is postponed, the members of the mokjang will not attend faithfully. The next question is, how beneficial are mokjangs? In order to move onto the next phase of benefiting from the mokjang, the gathering must regularly take place. Mokjangs have a goal of saving souls, but even if the goal is not being achieved, the gatherings must take place every week regardless.
            I remember hearing a testimony at a house church seminar for ministers and it was very touching. A couple didn’t have any members in their mokjang but held the gathering every week for three years. It’s important to be good at what you are doing, but what was touching was their faithfulness in keeping the basic principle of gathering same time every week.
            When you have a gathering every week, at the same time, the mokjang members will be conscious of it and over time, the mokjang will grow. If the gathering is only held when convenient or it is replaced by something else, the members will also fail to prioritize it and attend only when they want to.
            I ask that the members also prioritize the gathering. Mokjang leaders feel disappointed when a member they expected to come fails to come, and their biggest prayer topic is for the members that do not attend.
            I hope that through the seminar, mokjangs that are struggling to gather every week are able to reflect back on their mokjangs and attempt to meet every week.
            As students are required to go to school, as we have meals at regular times, so should our mokjang gatherings be held every week.

            This week’s message
            Mokjang gatherings are to be held every week because mokjangs are not small groups or cell groups, but a church that gathers at a home.
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