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          • 김지나  2020.10.23  19:21

          • Please serve your mokjang leaders (Pastor Choi Younggi)

            In Buddhist countries, the homeless do not feel grateful when someone helps them because they think that by receiving someone’s help, they are contributing to the person going to heaven, so they don’t feel the need to thank them.
            Some mokjang members also seem to think this way. When their mokjang leader helps them, they are not very grateful. And if the help they receive isn’t enough, they complain. If they are given an opportunity to serve, they brag about it.
            To be quite honest, mokjang leaders are not obligated to serve their members. They are not hired by the church, nor are they professional ministers. They serve because of their love for God.
            However, some mokjang members forget this and take their leaders’ sacrifice for granted.
            For example, mokjang leaders find the below situations upsetting:
            *when a mokjang leader is facing a problem and need help but their mokjang members aren’t willing to help
            *when a new member has joined their mokjang and rather than looking after them with the leader, the rest of the members think it’s the leader’s job and doesn’t share the load
            *when they make excuses and refuse to help with mokjang ministries when they clearly have the time and ability to do it
            Not many mokjang leaders find themselves in these situations. Not only are their mokjang members helpful, but they understand that it’s natural for them to be serving and sacrificing. But I do know that there are disheartening moments for all leaders.
            Mokjang leaders and members are co-workers. It is not a normal image of the House Church for leaders to always serve and their members to only be served. Mokjang leaders anticipate heavenly rewards for their ministry. But it would indeed be nice to prepare something small as a token of appreciation on a holiday or birthday.

            This week’s message
            If you don’t have a pigeon hole at church, please apply for one through your mokjang leader. Pigeon holes that have not been used for over three months will be removed but reallocated upon request.

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