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          • 김지나  2020.09.26  09:52

          • “Happiness is voluntary, unhappiness is automatic.”

            Experts predict COVID-19 to be more like a long distance run rather than a sprint. If this is the case, we must be proactive in dealing with this situation rather than being helplessly dragged by it. We may not have control over the situation, but depending on how we react to it, our future will be very different. So then, what will we choose to do? I’d like to quote Pastor Kim Dongho's post on Facebook titled "Happiness is voluntary, unhappiness is automatic."(written by Pastor Kim Dongho)

            1. A Sunday school teacher asked a year 5 student, "How does one go to heaven?" "You have to believe in Jesus." "How does one go to hell?" the child replied, "Do nothing". I know this is a true story because the Sunday school teacher was my friend.
            2. "How does one become happy?" I am searching for the answers to this question and posting it online every day. Today, the question "how does one become unhappy?” popped up on my mind. And I thought of the answer right away, "Do nothing."
            3. Happiness is like a constant flapping of the wings. Flapping in order not to fall, in order to fly high. And when we stop, we fall. Doing nothing can never make one happy but doing nothing guarantees unhappiness. When we do nothing, we become anxious, depressed, and we sink as if we were wearing a lead jacket. We sink and sink continuously.
            4. Maybe this is why God told us to be joyful always, to pray continually and to give thanks in all circumstances. Happiness is voluntary and unhappiness is automatic.
            5. A random song of an old singer comes to mind- 'Snap out of it.' We need to snap out of it and do our very best to be happy. We ought to strive to live happy lives and when we go to see God, be at our happiest when we face him.
            We are at crossroads in a way, with the COVID-19 pandemic. It's crucial that we proactively search for things to be grateful for and to show our faith.

            The column includes an excerpt from Pastor Kim Myunggook’s “At crossroads in life”.

            This week's message
            We must certainly be cautious about COVID-19, but we must also try and find ways to go back to our daily routine. Please come to church for Sunday service.
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