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          • 김지나  2020.09.19  15:01

          • What we mustn’t overlook in our mokjang gatherings

            It’s touching to hear about people overcoming the challenges of COVID-19 through their mokjangs. However, there are mokjangs struggling due to COVID-19 and there is room for improvement overall. So I’d like us to examine areas we should not be overlooking in these difficult times.
            First of all, we mustn’t overlook our mokjang rules. In particular, we must meet every week because mokjangs are small churches and we must follow the manual. When we do so, we will experience continuous growth in our mokjangs. Secondly, the purpose of mokjangs is to save souls, so every mokjang should have VIPs they are praying for and serving. Thirdly, another purpose of mokjangs is to make disciples so a mokjang leader candidate must be selected and trained. Only then will there be disciples made through mokjangs.
            Fourthly, the objective of mokjang gatherings must be to experience God. Only then will we experience God’s love, His healing, and His power regardless of whether there are VIPs or not. Hence we must eat together, share our innermost details of our lives, and pray for at least 15 minutes before concluding the gathering.
            Fifthly, mokjangs must have an olive blessing time if they have at least one child. Children’s mokjang must also run every week, with the rules reiterated every time. It is only then that mokjangs can maintain our fellowship in which we respect one another, and go beyond being a family.
            Mokjangs must also pray for their missionaries and VIPs at the end of each gathering. This is to ensure our gatherings are not a self-centered group but our eyes are set on the world. Eighthly, everyone must listen attentively and respond to the speaker so that they can open up. (trying to lecture someone can discourage people from opening up). If people do not listen, they can be hurt, lose faith in their mokjangs and eventually not want to come.

            #The column was written based on the column written by Pastor Shim Youngchoon of Cheonan Asan Disciple Church

            This week’s message
            Please participate in the five gratitude movement every day. When we learn to be grateful in the midst of COVID-19, we will experience transformation and joy.
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