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          • 김지나  2020.03.12  19:04

          • Preventive measures for Coronavirus 19 (1)

            Sometimes I cough without realising, and this happens because I speak a lot and my throat becomes dry, however, at a time like this, this can be an impolite thing to do. I've realised I need to be more careful. The number of people with coronavirus is increasing in Australia, leading to a bigger fear and now flights from South Korea have been banned. For those who are worried about coming to church and unsure of what to do, I don't think that it is yet unsafe to come to church. We will continue to monitor the situation and make new announcements accordingly, but the following are preventive measures we can take for now:
            Sunday service: No changes as yet but if the number of confirmed cases increases, services may be replaced with a video service. Seniors with a weak immune system are advised to wear masks. If you have flu symptoms, please self-isolate yourself and those who have been to risk countries set by the government are also advised to self-isolate themselves for two weeks. Please also use hand sanitizers placed by the entrance when entering the church. At lunch time, do not share foods but use tongs and personal plates.
            Mokjang gatherings: No changes as yet, but the same will apply as the Sunday service. Please also use individual plates when eating.
            Life classes: Will proceed as normal, and again will be postponed or replaced with video.
            Other meetings: Wednesday prayer service and dawn prayer services will proceed as normal. However, the scheduled special dawn prayer service will be replaced by 123 prayer. Any future updates will be announced.
            I ask for everyone's cooperation. When we see someone coughing or wearing a mask, rather than avoiding or fearing them, I pray that our church members have a warm, considerate heart towards them.

            This week's message
            Starting this week, kimchi will not be shared during lunch time. Please use tongs and personal plates.
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