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          • 김지나  2020.03.06  07:32

          • Let's sing praise with a louder voice.

            I really enjoy the praise and worship time during service and experience God's presence. But sometimes, I see people not singing, or just muttering. One thing that impressed me during my training visit to Houston's Seoul Church a long time ago was that everyone was singing extremely loudly. The sight of everyone singing as best as they could, with a loud voice, left a lasting impression. As a service leader, I would like everyone to sing loudly during the Sunday service. Last week, my sermon was on Revelation chapter 4, how the worship we give on earth connects to the worship given in heaven through the open sky gate. So then, what would happen if we all sang praise and worship with all our hearts? God will surely be pleased. We will experience this through God's presence, and our souls will be filled with joy. All evil spirits that had us bound will leave us through the praise we sing in Jesus' name, because evil spirits detest praise. Those who are depressed should sing even more loudly and experience God's presence. Our voice of praise is linked to our lives, and our praise should come from deep in our hearts. If we lead our lives detached from God, it'd be impossible to sing praise on Sunday with sincere hearts. It's only possible when we live for God's glory and our souls have a desire to praise Him. I ask that the praise and worship team guide the congregation to sing loudly with all their hearts, by ensuring the sound of the instruments is not bigger than the singers and the congregation. I hope that through the service and dedication of the praise and worship team, we can give the best possible praise and worship to God.

            This week's message
            Let's try standing up for praise and worship so we can give the best possible worship to God, and let us also sing in a loud voice.
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