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          • 김지나  2020.02.28  15:33

          • Prayer for purchasing church land

            Our Granville church has been struggling with lack of parking space and lack of space for Sunday school and meetings and we conducted a survey in relation to this during our mokjang leaders' meeting. The most highly requested church facilities were bathrooms and parking space. Others included education rooms, small group rooms, expanding the main hall, English signs, church cafe, lighting for the main hall, safety measures for children, Korean school, etc. And many suggested that we needed extra land for this. For some time now the construction committee has been discussing purchasing the house next to the church (number 21, 1027m², $1.4 mil). The church currently has $60,000 in fund from church construction offerings, so in order to purchase the land, we must first have the remaining amount ready. If we were to get a loan of $1 mil from our denomination ($6200 monthly repayments, 4.25%, 20 years), the church also needs to have $500,000 ($400,000 initial deposit and $100,000 for additional costs) in order to make the purchase possible.We have been striving to realise our vision of saving souls and making disciples. I want to be a pastor that saves lives, not one that spends all their energy on running a church. However, the church is now too small and there is a bigger need for extra space and this will eventually need to be done for the church's future. I don't think God would want us to make any decisions without having prayed first. So I'd like to keep all options open and pray with everyone first. If it's God's will to give us land, he will give us a heart to unite as one, and also allow us the $500,000. Please refrain from making any negative comments until we have finished praying, and once we have prayed, please share your messages from God with us.

            Prayer period: 24/2-29/3
            How to pray: 123 prayer (twice a day, for three minutes- when we wake up in the morning and at 9pm), special dawn prayer service (16-21/3)
            Prayer topic: God, we need extra land for our church. Please lead us in your will and way.

            This week's message
            Worship time is our promise with God. If we want to meet God and experience His grace through the service, we must come on time. The lights in the main hall will turn off 10 minutes before service time for us to prepare for it in prayer.
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