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          • 김지나  2020.02.20  15:37

          • Shall we try Ramyun Day?

            Dreaming Church in Korea (Pastor Park Changhwan) has Ramyun Day, and I'd like to introduce it to you by quoting Pastor Park's column.
            One thing we think about when we first have a mokjang gathering is, 'what do we eat?' Those who first invite their mokjang members to their home also think about what they would serve them. So sometimes they would go out of their way to prepare too much, raising the bar for the future. A mokjang is a family, so we must eat together. Families are people you eat with, and we are a family of God. A mokjang should not be LIKE a family, it IS a family, and families should be able to eat together comfortably regardless of what they eat. "Honey, there's no food at home, should we go out?" "Let's just eat ramyun." This is what a family is, and I would like all our mokjangs to be the same- being comfortable with whatever we eat together. Moknyos may be too busy and not have enough time to prepare food, and you could get takeaway, but moknyos should be able to suggest making ramyun instead, and so should mokjang members, because we are family.
            I don't think I've made my wife uncomfortable with what we eat; I eat whatever she gives me. I'm happy eating kimchi jjigae every day, and I'm happy if there are no other side dishes. This is what a married couple should be like, and what a family should be like. When you think about making something fancy for your mokjang members every time, it's because you see them as guests. When you have VIPs, you may want to prepare something better but families should be able to eat something simple together. If anyone says, "So and so can't cook", it's because they don't see their mokjang as family.
            Ramyun Day! Why don't we have a ramyun day this week? Anyone can make ramyun, so maybe someone from your mokjang can bring some and you can cook together. Who'd like to bring ramyun? Who'd like to cook? Families should be content eating ramyun together. Should we give it a go?

            This week's message
            Many people are in fear of the Coronavirus, but fortunately, Sydney is relatively safe. However, please keep your etiquette at church. Regularly clean your hands with a sanitizer, refrain from touching your nose or mouth, avoid shaking hands, and please cover your mouth with your sleeve when sneezing.
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