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          • 김지나  2020.02.14  14:58

          • The difference between a social get together and a mokjang gathering

            I am grateful for the grace, restoration and healing we received through Pastor Kim Youngjoo, who spoke for us this week. I hope that the grace we have received is not a one-off, but leads to transformations and blessings. Pastor Kim Youngjoo gave us a very helpful tip on mokjang gatherings, at our mokjang leaders' meeting last week. He asked the mokjang leaders, "What is the difference between a social get together and a mokjang gathering?" People gave several answers, but as none were satisfactory, he defined it for us. "It's whether we experience God or not." If we don't experience God in our mokjang gatherings, it's no different from social meetings or other gatherings of the worldly people. So, 'how do we experience God in our mokjang?" He said the starting point was important. Usually, people take turns talking in a mokjang gathering. When one person is finished, the leader will say, "next", and the next person will speak. However, this can be the ultimate mistake that prevents us from experiencing God. This can turn our sharing time into a mere formality, causing us to have dry conversations. There must be a starting point in which the Holy Spirit works within the mokjang and in order for this to happen, the person with the least expectations should talk first. When you are caught off guard and are unprepared to speak, you are most likely to be more honest with your thoughts. And rather than the leader saying 'next', asking the question 'has anyone had a similar experience?' can naturally lead to a deeper discussion. When we are able to relate to one another, it can make us cry, and this can be an opportunity for the Holy Spirit to work. I bless all our mokjangs to experience this and for our gatherings to not become a social meeting but one in which we experience God and his healing and restoration.

            This week's message
            Successful people have a habit of making preparations prior to any engagement. As such, for us to have a successful mokjang gathering, rather than going unprepared, we should think about "What facial expressions should I make?", "How will I serve others?" or "What will I say?"
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