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          • 김지나  2020.02.07  10:10

          • God who unbinds and fills

            Approximately 50 pastors and their wives who attended this year's 90th House Church Conference for Ministers were touched by our service. Through the conference, many pastors had teary confessions to once again restore their ministries, and I would like to thank everyone that has helped out behind the scenes. Through Pastor Kim Youngjoo, who is speaking at our church after the conference, we are receiving restoration and grace. Pastor Kim had to overcome various obstacles prior to his trip here for the conference. His cornea had torn on both eyes and had to undergo surgery, the fact that it was Lunar New Year holiday made his journey to the airport very difficult, and other problems, big and small, such as the bushfire in Australia, the coronavirus outbreak, etc. were in the way. It felt like Satan was trying to interfere because he knew how much grace God had in store for us through the conference. I am grateful that we were able to prepare for the event through a dawn prayer service and we had a bigger desire for it.  I look forward to God's “unbinding and filling” us after the conference, just as it was named.

            During the second week of February, the evangelism team (19 members) from Melbourne’s Hosanna Church will be visiting our church for ten days. Hosanna Church’s evangelism team travels to different parts of the country and to mission fields every year to evangelise, and they normally hold a conference on the last day. Their visit to our church will be an opportunity for us to experience soul salvation in the raw. The team will spend ten days at Granville and anyone who wishes to join them are welcome. The evangelism team will visit different organisations as they are led by God and by the Holy Spirit and will invite people to our church. There will be an evangelism conference on Saturday at 6pm and anyone who would like to attend and invite their VIPs are welcome.
            “Before God pours His grace upon a church, He first puts a desire for His grace in our hearts." (from Prayer for a Revival)

            This week’s message 
            We have commitment time after the Sunday service and anyone who wants to make a commitment can come forward to the panel during the last song. I ask that the rest of us pray for at least a minute and be as quiet as possible when leaving the chapel.
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